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AtlA: Tranquility by Jien-chan
AtlA: Tranquility
My 2014 entry for Animexx' Secret Santa - Uncle Iroh and Firelord Zuko having a cup of tea at some hilltop in the mountains somewhere (post TV-series). I'd imagine Zuko wanting to get away from the stress of rebuilding and ruling the Fire Nation sometimes, so he looks up his uncle in Ba Sing Se and they go on short camping trips of sorts.

My santée cited AtlA as one of her favourite shows, with the Gaang and Iroh as her favourite characters and "traditional" as pereferred medium. I think I got this :)

Iroh and Zuko (Avatar - The last Airbender) are (c) Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
I now "officially" "own" Joey/Mai (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) at AdoptAPairing
This somehow seems ignificant enough to me to post here.
TH: Modern Day AU Kiliel by Jien-chan
TH: Modern Day AU Kiliel
A little sketch I started last year (because they deserve to meet again, dammit!).
In my head, Kili will always be shorter than Tauriel in any given scenario, and they both share a love for metal and fantasy scenarios. They would be such a nerd couple^^. Kili comes from a rather large family, living with his mother, brother, uncle and a few other close or distant relatives, and Tauriel has been taken in by Thranduil and his wealthy clan as a young girl after her parents have died (for reasons I have yet to think of - altruistic (or not)/(distant) family obligation/pity/...) where she grew up with Legolas as a surrogate brother.
TH: Return to me by Jien-chan
TH: Return to me
The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies SPOILERS!!!

The (wishful) follow-up to "One for the Road" - Everybody lives (the brothers at least), and at the victory feast/mourning feast for Thorin (since he'd probably still die in any scenario :/ ), Kili and Tauriel see each other again for the first time. They probably caught glimpses of each other in the immediate wake of the battle, enough to confirm the other is alive, so this isn't the tearfilled relief sort-of-scene. It's a more silent, glad-we-both-made-it moment.
Tauriel must've borrowed a simple Laketown-dress for this which is all good and well since she isn't royalty, and doesn't strike me as the person for pompous dresses anyway (only agreed to this since her battle garb got all dirty and blood-stained, and it's enough to take anyone's appetite away). Kili of course had Erebor's arsenal of clothing to rummage through^^
Both still look a bit battered, with scratches, Kili's leg in a splint and Tauriel's hair singed from Smaug's fire (I began this in January, long before BotFA came out).

Kili (the Hobbit) is (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
Tauriel and the characters' design are (c) Peter Jackson

(Kili looks waaay too young, even by his standard... :XD: )
TH: Once I saw a firemoon by Jien-chan
TH: Once I saw a firemoon
(ye have been warned)

A small, borderless COPIC sketch with Tauriel who, after the battle at Erebor just couldn't see herself returning to Mirkwood (although I'm almost sure that Thranduil would have let bygones be bygones, what with his son departing as well).
So she becomes a sort of "wandering elf", traveling Middle Earth and trying to heal. One night, as she climbs a hilltop, a deep red moon just rises from behind the mountains, and she has to think back on a certain conversation in the dungeons of Mirkwood...

Tauriel (The Hobbit) is (c) Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema

EDIT(h) says: Argh, Firemoon, not blood! "Red dawn... blood has been spilled tonight." was that other movie, you dumbass :lol:


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