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YGO: G h o s t by Jien-chan
YGO: G h o s t
I keep...
going to the river to pray
cause i need
something that can wash off the pain
and at most
I'm sleeping all the demons away
but your ghost...
the ghost of you it keeps me awake

(Ella Henderson - Ghost)

Mai Kujaku/Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
GotG: Gamora by Jien-chan
GotG: Gamora
(Jeez, that's one big file... and all for the transparency of the background.)

My first ever Gamora! *___*
I love Guardians of the Galaxy and wanted to draw a fanart for it ever since it came out.

Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) is (c) Marvel Entertainment
YGO: HOME. by Jien-chan
So my baby's on the road
Doin' business, sellin' loads
Charmin' everyone there
With the sweetest smile

(Pet Shop Boys - Home and Dry)

I have this headcanon for Mai and Katsuya where, after finally getting (it) together, they will lead a long-distance relationship for a while (by mutual agreement and on mutual-ish terms).
I just don't see Mai settling down anytime soon, and neither do I see Katsuya living out of the suitcase for a prolonged period. Since I didn't want either of them having to give up what defines them (Mai - her independence and Kats his support system), this is the compromise i came up with.
Apart from an inevitable snag along the way (having to do with compromise and the ability to commit), this works out pretty well - Katsuya thrives on picking Mai up at the Airport/Railway Station with a stupid flower bouquet (that is then nurtured to death in a team effort within a few days...). He is soon known to all the security personnel and greeted with "Girlfriend's coming home?" (after all, Domino Airport can't be that big). Mai on the other hand, has a concept of "home" for the first time, which initially shocks her (and Katsuya).

Katsuya Jounouchi and Mai Kujaku (Yu-Gi-Oh!) are (c) Kazuki Takahashi

PS: Notice the blatantly obvious hints about where this headcanon will be going... :P

PPS: Yes, in my headcanon, Mai will cut off her hair at some point. Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) 
YGO: Screenshot redraw 1st attempt by Jien-chan
YGO: Screenshot redraw 1st attempt
Also my first attempt at producing anything with Paint Tool Sai. Only a sketch, but man does it look shitty... gotta try that again.

Probably gonna redo this properly (with manual outlines).


Supersexy Wurstbrot!
Current Residence: Germany
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Favourite style of art: cartoon (Disney in particular), manga, art nouveau, pop art,... and PONIES!

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