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BT: Wet Blanket by Jien-chan
BT: Wet Blanket
Kitty shook her head. "You're wrong. Your apology isn't irrelevant and you're a fool if you can't see it. I'm grateful that you stopped Makepeace from having me killed. Now stop being such a wet blanket and try to think of something to do!" (Ptolemy's Gate)

Kitty rousing Nathaniel back into action after they've both been captured by the human-dwelling spirits at the end of book three. It's been a while since my last BartArt, and this barely qualifies... oh well ^^;
Gotta love these two doofuses ("we could have had it aaa~ll" :O ).

Nathaniel and Kitty Jones (The Bartimaeus Trilogy) is (c) Jonathan Strout
YGO: Anzu - Burger World by Jien-chan
YGO: Anzu - Burger World
"It's my dream, don't you dare laugh!"

The next picture in my Anzu-series, her Burger World uniform, earning money to go to 'Merica. :-)
I went with the Season Zero colour scheme for the uniform, because I like green and it suits the reddish tint Anzu's hair has here.

Anzu Mazaki (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
YGO: Mai Outfits by Jien-chan
YGO: Mai Outfits
...and the continuation of my last fanart, same principle.

Mai never makes things easy for me with regards to her wardrobe. There are a lot of things that I'd like to see her wear, but that don't really seem in-character. Then again, we only ever see 3 Outfits on her, all very similar in design, so I went with this idea of a "dueling uniform", or trademark identity that the duelists develop for themselves for the middle outfit. The short hair indicates that this is one that I'll probably use somewhere in my Polarshipping continuity (as Mai cuts her hair there).
The left outfit was again a prompt by a friend, who wanted mom jeans. I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out.
The right one is my attempt at a more autumn/winter-friendly outfit (which channels a lot of Emma Swan, imo ^^; ).

The pose... no idea what happened there. Mai doesn't look sold on it. By the third one, I think she actually gives me the stink eye. *175% done*

Kujaku Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh!) (c) Kazuki Takahashi

PS: Yes, she looks more curvy and regular-sized here. This is entirely intentional, as I'm currently working on giving each YGO a more individual body type compared to the manga. While Manga in general are not really great on the whole body diversity thing, I kinda like Kishimoto's approach in Naruto - the boys are very differently shaped, and even the girls don't end up looking like skinny dolls, but rather the athletes that they are trained to be, with strong body frames and contures.
YGO: Anzu Outfits by Jien-chan
YGO: Anzu Outfits
Some Outfit ideas I had for Anzu throughout the year (might make more). We mostly see her in summer outfits in the series, so she was in need of a wider pallet for spring, autumn and winter. I always figured her as the practical, yet feminine type, with lots of snugly sweaters and shirts, and tried to combine that with some casual chic-ness. I imagine her wearing ballerina flats quite a bit, due to her dancing.
Her summer outfit was actually a friend's idea and I instantly liked it, especially with the ponytail from the new movie teaser and the undercut I have in mind for her.  Her hair is a bit lighter in summer, more like Season Zero.

The pose is nothing special - I drew it once and then copied it for the other outfits. ^^;

Anzu MAzaki (Yu-Gi-Oh!) is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
TBT: Tricksters by Jien-chan
TBT: Tricksters

... There were a few such groups in Molching at the time, some with members as young as six. The leader of this particular outfit was an agreeable 15-year-old criminal named Arthur Berg. He looked around and saw the two 11-year-olds dangling off the back. "Und?" he asked? (And?)

"I'm starving!" Rudy replied, "And he's fast!" said Liesel. Berg looked at her: "I don't recall asking for your opinion." He was teenage tall and had a long neck. Pimples were gathered in peer groups on his face, "but I like you." He was friendly, in a smart mouth, adolescent way.

(The Book Thief - The Attributes of Summer

I'm stuck at home, sick, and took the opportunity to test my new watertank brushes (not bad, but the water flow is a bit uncontrollable at times). Since I was listening to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, the protagonists became my test subjects. I have a weakness for stories about children's gangs (Zora the Red being one of my favourite books to date) and Rudy's and Liesel's friendship is so beautiful (and tragic).
I made it a point not to make them too pretty. For one, they all come from a poor part of town, and are suffering from a war-induced food shortage to boot. Secondly, they are never described that way in the book, nor is it really important. They just seem to have to grow into their respective ears and noses etc and hope for the best. Like most of us :D
So I kept the asymmetrical faces, knobbly elbows and weird hair from the sketch for the most part.

Liesel Meminger, Rudy Steiner and Arthur Berg (The Book Thief) are (c) Markus Zusak


Supersexy Wurstbrot!
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